Congratulations, you've made it!


We are so excited to see you here in our local on-line community of like minded people. Real Exchange is all about connecting people right here in Hawke's Bay.

In today's society, we might be lucky enough to know our neighbours, but we rarely know who's in our wider community and what kind of skills and knowledge they have. Real Exchange has been designed to bridge the gap- to connect people in our communities for mutual gain.

Meet Simon, he wants a new deck before summer arrives but with a growing family he hasn't got quite the budget he'd like. Now meet Brian. Brian is a retired builder who would loves to complete odd jobs for local families, it gives him some extra income and he enjoys being able to help.

Back to Simon, if he lists his odd job (deck building) on Real Exchange which is 100% Free to do, Brian will be able to connect with Simon and get the job done at a great price and in time for summer, this will leave both Simon and Brian very happy!

Next time you need something done, come over and list it on our site. Not only is it 100% FREE to use but you'll be supporting someone else in the community to earn a little extra too.



Our Mission


“To successfully and uniquely connect communities both small and large for the social, spiritual, emotional and financial gain of the terrific people within them.”

“The People, the people, the people.  He tangata, he tangata, he tanagata”